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DM is a new enterprise born from an idea of two men with a well-defined target in mind:
to give everybody the chance to be able to approach the electronic world easily.

Thanks to experience in the industrial business, DM offers simple to use products that respect the highest quality standards.

Why choose DM Board ICS:
Today the time for your hobbies, for your ideas, or for your projects, it is always less; at the same time the technology is advancing very fast and is very difficult to be in step with the times.
DM propose a world of services to simplify learning and development of electronic / home automation ideas.

DM world is a comunity and is continuously increasing.

Points of strength

  • Low power board
  • Learn to create low power projects
  • Simplified software development
  • Voltage range from 5V to 13V
  • Output that can directly drive relays
  • Fast learning curve
  • Online application store


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