DM Board ICS project overview
Overview of the hardware and software of the project DM Board ICS.

DM Board ICS Specifications
DM Board ICS specifications and IO description.

Driver installing  and DM Design settings
Brief guide that explain how to set the directory in which all the apps will be saved.

DM Store
User guide that explain how to download and upload an application from the DM Store.

Base principles of the DMstate language
Brief guide about the DMstate programming language.

My first application
User guide that contains a step by step explanation on how to create an application to make the DMBoard led blink and the buzzer beep.

Compile and upload an application to the DM Boards ICS
User guide on how to compile, save and upload on the DMBoard an application created within the DM Design IDE.

Send SMS by DMBoard ICS
User guide to explain how to structure simply program for send SMS from DM Board ICS.

Use I2C bus
User guide to explain how to use I2C bus with DM Board ICS.

Update DM Virtual Machine
User guide to explain how to update DM Virtual Machine of DM Board ICS.

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